46 Magnificent Examples Of Creative Furniture Design

14:12 | 11/10/2014
Creative furniture designs go beyond being only original rather they cross boundaries of industrial, furniture and architectural designs by using new methods and materials along the way. In this round up, we are presenting a collection of some extremely creative furniture designs that stand out from the rest.
So to inspire you, here we are showcasing some beautiful and attention grabbing collection of creative furniture designs that reek of creativity. Gratuitous to say that the furniture industry is always filled with inspiration and novelty, but the current trend of using creative furniture is focused on portability and usability rather than form and designs. Here is the complete list. So what do you think? What did we miss? Which furniture design do you like the most and why? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about these inspirational designs.

1. Creative Car Bed Furniture

2. Creative Workstation



3. Creative Bookworm for Book Lovers


4. Wood Table


5. Bench of Thought

6. Lost in Sofa

7. Bed for Kids

8. Creative Bookshelf

9. Car Inspired Furniture

10. Garden Furniture

11. Innovative Table

12. FIT IN tables

13. Human Face Inspired Book Shelf

14. United States Bookshelf

15. Wooden Crates

16. Drap shelf

17. Comfortable Chairs

18. Innovative Sofa

19. Plywood

20. Join Table

21. Feel Seating System Deluxe

22. Bamboestoel Chair

23. Right Angled Furniture

24. Picnic Bench

25. Strucchair

26. Long Form Library

27. Unstable

28. Work Table 002

29. Tetris Inspired Furniture

30. Shelf & Beer Case

31. New Wheels

32. Fill in the cat

33. Climbing Walls
34. Snow Peak Garden Dining Table

35. The Pause Bench

36. Nendo Visible Structures

37. Walking Table
38. Creative Table

39. Unusual Bed

40. Bookshelf

41. Sitting Arrangement
42. Krux13

43. Stone & Glass Combined Table

44. Creative Hanger

45. Minimalist Desk

46. Nature Inspired Table

From: architecturendesign